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When the corporation changed its name to Apple Inc in 2007, it opened up the brand to selling more products than just computers. The iPod was a hugely popular product that was released in 2001. It was used as a mp3 player for people to listen to music privately. Until mobile phones began acting as mp3 players, updated versions of the iPod were released periodically with newer designs, more storage, and more features. The iPhone was its next big product that gained instant success. iPhones were the start of the smartphone revolution that would flourish in a rapidly growing society; other technology companies began creating their own touch-screen smartphones to compete with Appleā€™s popularity. Apple continuously puts out newer versions of the iPhone to compete in the market. The introduction of the iPhone opened the door for even more touch-screen products like iPads. iPads also underwent updates similar to iPods and iPhones. Updated cameras, more storage, a friendlier user interface, and new sleek designs were introduced with each generation of products for each different product. Apple knew that in order to compete in the technological market, it would have to continuously upgrade its products to keep customers wanting more.

A landmark turning point for the company was when Steve Jobs retired from the title as CEO. Jobs faced health complications so a man named Tim Cook became the new CEO to take his place. Two years after that in 2013 Jobs passed away, ending a remarkable era in technological progression. Despite the changes and tragedies, Apple Inc continues to produce products that keep their customers dedicated fans of the company.

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