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Given that this is an Apple-related blog it might be a surprise that, in 2017, I still have an iPhone 6. “Blasphemy!”, some might scream. I get it. How could I be so far behind but still claim to be an Apple fan? The answer is simple, really. My phone still works great. And that’s one reason I love Apple!

Their products are great, their service is great, and their stock is at all-time highs. Speaking of Apple stock, if I had to choose between a new iPhone and their stock, I would probably choose the stock. It has been running a long-time rally for many years.

Let’s get back to my iPhone 6. Since then, Apple has released the iPhone 7, iPhone 8, and even the iPhone X (which is pronounced “ten”, for some reason). The only issue with my current phone is that I constantly have to delete or transfer unwanted pictures or videos. This is because the space on my phone is limited. I think the next time I upgrade my phone I will get one with more storage. It’s less hassle for me to not have to transfer pictures every few months. My partner at home health agrees with me.

The iPhone 6 comes in two sizes. I have the smaller of the two. But the one I have is still larger than the iPhone 5. When I decide to upgrade my phone, I will probably get the larger of the two screens. This is because I enjoy watching movies on my phone at times. Whether it’s YouTube or Netflix, I do enjoy a larger view display area when watching my favorite show.

My only dilemma is deciding when to upgrade. Since 2017 is coming to a close, I don’t see myself with a newer phone over the next few weeks. I think 2018 will, however, be the time I make the switch.

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