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Apple has become an iconic brand in society, offering its famous iPhones, iPods, iPad tablets, Mac computers, Apple TV’s, and more. Apple also has its own software system that is used on all its devices. Since the software is made by Apple, all devices that you own can all be connected to your own personal account. The software system that Apple uses for most of its devices is called iOS and the other software they use for products like their computers is called OS. The devices that use iOS are iPhones, iPads, iPod touches, Apple TVs, and Apple Watches.

Apple was founded in April 1976 by three men named Ronald Wayne, Steve Wozniak, and the well-known Steve. The startup name for the company was Apple Computers, Inc. but it has evolved into just Apple Inc. They launched the company publicly in 1980 and it faced immediate financial success. Over time, however, the company faced strong competition with other computer companies. Apple was charging higher prices for their products and their software faced many issues so companies like Microsoft could bring in more customers with their lower prices and more compatible software. This problem has persisted through history and into the present day – Apple products tend to be higher in price, the software is only compatible with Apple products, and its features and updates tend to follow behind other companies.

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