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Communications devices have come a long way. There are more dated ways to communicate over long distances, but I’ll start with cell phones. The first widely used cell phones, which came out in the 1980s, were extremely large. They did not fit in pockets, like the cell phones of today. Instead, they were larger than bricks! Why, then, would people use them? There is a simple answer for this. People used those huge cell phones because of convenience. If you can believe it, using those large phones were once a symbol of status and wealth. Not everyone had one. And they were extremely expensive. These days, cell phones are relatively inexpensive and almost everyone has one.

After the “brick” cell phones hit the market, companies decided to find a way to mass market cell phones. They did this by shrinking the size of cell phones and making them cheaper. Who remembers the Nokia phones? And what about the flip phones? They were common, just over 10 years ago. But something happened about 10 years ago that changed everything when it comes to cell phones. Apple released the first iPhone.

This wasn’t just a cell phone. It was something else entirely. It was a smartphone! Before, in the “old days”, people could just call someone or send a short text message. The iPhone changed all of that. Now, you can edit a calendar, check email surf the Internet, watch videos, and even have a live video conversation. This all changed only 10 years ago! Many of us wouldn’t even know what to do without smartphones today. How did we live without them? This just goes to show that we should always be thankful for what we have. 10 years from now, when we have a new invention, we’ll wonder what life was like today before we had the new invention!

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