Travel as the Best Form of Education

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People travel for different reasons. Some would like to explore the world out there while others just simply want to have some fun. Unknowingly when you travel you get to learn a lot of things you are not able to learn in school.

Traveling lets you experience the real world. Actually being in Taj Mahal, seeing the wonderful architecture and listening to the tour guide is completely different from reading about it in books or even watching on National Geographic.

Traveling allows you to learn more about life and the world and that is the best form of education you can ever get.

Here are the top reasons travel is the best form of education.

Learn more about History

Your history books will tell you things from the point of view of the author. These books also only give you snippets of every event in history.

When you are actually in the place where history took place, you get to fully understand the surrounding circumstances. Visiting historical landmarks and museums provide you with a better understanding of the world and people of different cultures. You can find more about travels around the world from our good friend at the best Boca Raton SEO Company in Florida.

Learn Different Languages

English is the universal language and you will be fine with it in most parts of the world. Learning a little bit of the language of the country you are visiting will make you enjoy the country more and will make going around a lot easier.

When you are traveling you will definitely pick up a few words from the native speakers. This will help expand your cultural knowledge as well as develop your listening and speaking capabilities.

Even if you have studied multiple languages, travel provides the best avenue for you to master them. You are testing your speaking capabilities of that language in the real world. You will also get to learn about the right intonation and accent because you will be talking with native speakers. These things you will seldom learn in language schools.

Learn Different Cultures

Learning about different cultures gives you a better understanding of how people react to certain situations. In the Philippines, Spain, and México it is common for almost everyone to take a post-lunch nap (“siesta”). It is also common in Italy for people to take post-meal walks (“passeggiatas”). Travel also gives you the opportunity to try different authentic cuisines.

Before you leave for a certain country it is best to read up on their culture so you do not get a “culture shock”. You will also be able to embrace their culture even for just a while.

Women tourists in Dubai should wear an “abaya” (a piece of clothing covering your own clothes) when visiting certain places. Embrace and immerse with the culture of the country you are visiting and you will surely learn a lot. Florida is also a great spot to visit.

Travel and education should always go hand in hand. Traveling is the best way to satisfy your curiosity about the world and learn more.

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Technological Market

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When the corporation changed its name to Apple Inc in 2007, it opened up the brand to selling more products than just computers. The iPod was a hugely popular product that was released in 2001. It was used as a mp3 player for people to listen to music privately. Until mobile phones began acting as mp3 players, updated versions of the iPod were released periodically with newer designs, more storage, and more features. The iPhone was its next big product that gained instant success. iPhones were the start of the smartphone revolution that would flourish in a rapidly growing society; other technology companies began creating their own touch-screen smartphones to compete with Apple’s popularity. Apple continuously puts out newer versions of the iPhone to compete in the market. The introduction of the iPhone opened the door for even more touch-screen products like iPads. iPads also underwent updates similar to iPods and iPhones. Updated cameras, more storage, a friendlier user interface, and new sleek designs were introduced with each generation of products for each different product. Apple knew that in order to compete in the technological market, it would have to continuously upgrade its products to keep customers wanting more.

A landmark turning point for the company was when Steve Jobs retired from the title as CEO. Jobs faced health complications so a man named Tim Cook became the new CEO to take his place. Two years after that in 2013 Jobs passed away, ending a remarkable era in technological progression. Despite the changes and tragedies, Apple Inc continues to produce products that keep their customers dedicated fans of the company.

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Apple has become an iconic brand in society, offering its famous iPhones, iPods, iPad tablets, Mac computers, Apple TV’s, and more. Apple also has its own software system that is used on all its devices. Since the software is made by Apple, all devices that you own can all be connected to your own personal account. The software system that Apple uses for most of its devices is called iOS and the other software they use for products like their computers is called OS. The devices that use iOS are iPhones, iPads, iPod touches, Apple TVs, and Apple Watches.

Apple was founded in April 1976 by three men named Ronald Wayne, Steve Wozniak, and the well-known Steve. The startup name for the company was Apple Computers, Inc. but it has evolved into just Apple Inc. They launched the company publicly in 1980 and it faced immediate financial success. Over time, however, the company faced strong competition with other computer companies. Apple was charging higher prices for their products and their software faced many issues so companies like Microsoft could bring in more customers with their lower prices and more compatible software. This problem has persisted through history and into the present day – Apple products tend to be higher in price, the software is only compatible with Apple products, and its features and updates tend to follow behind other companies.

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Apple Is Superior to Microsoft…

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These words may offend PC users or hippies, not in touch with the reality of the 21st-century technology war. Those that stay true to their original, often outdated, PC’s (Dell, Microsoft, etc.) are not visionaries. I know, I know, it’s a harsh statement but it’s true. Apple has released the latest gadgets and gizmos in 2017 which includes futuristic (and often Big Brother-like) additions to their iPhones, tablets and computers which far exceed Android’s cool, but not visionary tech world.

This website is dedicated to Apple’s products and their vision. If you are interested in contributing to our site, feel free to reach out to us here. But if you are a PC lover, don’t bother. (Just kidding…not really.) We will be publishing new content weekly in hopes to educate the older generation on the importance and insight that Apple has on shaping our future.

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