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Apple started out as a computer manufacturer. They made their own computers. And they still do. They were actually one of the first companies to create computers. Given this fact, it’s easy to see why they have such advanced technology in building their computers. But computers aren’t the only thing Apple releases to the public.

Since the computers, Apple has put out multiple products. Some of them are the iPod, iPhone, and Apple TV. Many people don’t know what Apple TV is. However, it’s a really simple product. Most people have heard of a Roku or Fire Stick. Apple TV is simply Apple’s version of that. It’s a streaming device in which owners can stream things such as Netflix shows.

The iPhone is arguably Apple’s most famous product. Well, maybe it’s not very arguable. Generally half of people who own smartphones own an iPhone. And with the iPhone, the owner has headphones. It’s a nice hands free way to talk on the phone or listen to music. But the headphones that come with the iPhone need to be connected to the iPhone. Because of this, there are limits on these speakers. Apple is all about innovation, so they decided to cut the cord.

The solution to this problem is called Apple Airpods. These are especially the same as headphones but without the cord. This wireless technology, the owner is able to stream the sound from the iPhone directly into the Airpods. And the Airpods stay firmly in the owner’s ears. This makes it easier for people to do thing such as exercise while listening to music. If the iPhone is in their pocket, there doesn’t have to be a long cord stretching all the way up to the owner’s ears.

Airpods have been out for just over a year. If interested, check them out today!

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